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What is Wild Women UK?

Hello, I’m Leigh and I set up Wild Women UK in 2022 shortly after becoming a first time, single mother.


During this time it became apparent there was a huge lack of support for women and in many areas of their lives. It was then that I knew my purpose was to serve women by empowering them to lead extraordinary lives. 

I’ve spent over two decades in Health and Wellness observing women dedicate their lives to service; caring for sick relatives, raising children and serving in their professional roles. These same women have all frequently put themselves last in the pecking order which has resulted in burn out and breakdowns both emotionally, physically and spiritually.


I, myself have suffered from all of the above and have rebuilt myself and my life. Today I'm incredibly fortunate because I lead a truly abundant life with my son and our family unit thrives. 

I no longer want to see women simply survive another day, I want women to thrive and lead fulfilling lives. I know in my heart this is possible for all. There is a key that unlocks all of that, let me help you! 


About me

Aged 8, my parents divorced and it was during that time a family member sexually abused me. I had very little understanding of what happened to me however, what I was able to grasp was the withdrawal of my father’s love and the emotional pain these events caused my mother. 

I allowed my past to affect my future, leaving school at 15 with zero qualifications. I was in and out of the education system due to the effects of bullying both physically and emotionally. I suffered with severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks. My face, back and chest were covered in severe acne which often caused scarring to my back and these bouts frequently flared up throughout my adult life also.


Food became my comfort and I became overweight, compulsively eating and gorging on high sugar foods. 

The day my life changed was the moment I received a phone call informing me my father died of a sudden heart attack. It was then that I made a vow to the universe to live life for him and I have kept this vow ever since. 



I’ve spent my life soul searching and it's taken me to vipassana meditation retreats, the use of plant based medicine, including shamanic ceremonies and self-development courses with Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III.

Today I live with my son whom I conceived myself through IVF (yes you read that right) and my rescue dog Skye. 

I'm a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach & Neuro-encoding Specialist with over two decades worth of experience in Health and Wellness.


I'm here to deliver my purpose and that is to awaken those stirrings deep inside of you. You deserve more! You are so much more than your circumstances. Don’t allow life to happen to you. Be Wild and see where it takes you. 

Check out my latest offerings and I hope our paths cross

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